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  • Handcrafted, Embroidered & Personalized for your Pets
  • Snuggle Sacks, Boodle Tunnel Beds,  and Blankets
  • Original Shopping Cart Cover Design
  • Custom Orders for Creatures Great and Small
  • Customized Potty Pads and Puffy Snugglers

My passion is creating beautiful items, my shop reflects my passion.

Creations Without Boundaries! Dream it – we’ll create it.

Come in and meet the Chilly Paws Canine Creative Team. Our dogs are the reason for the success of Chilly Paws – they fuel our creativity. They are our toughest critics and most loving Chilly Paws enthusiasts.

I started sewing many years ago making Halloween costumes for my children. I have advanced my skills to making original and quality pet items.

My focus for Chilly Paw is to develop and offer functional as well as aesthetically pleasing items for pets. I use the best quality materials I can find and because of the time it takes to develop new items for my shop, I’m always anticipating changing consumer tastes and needs. The end result of any of my creations is that it is comfortable, safe and durable for your pet – and beautiful for you.

I am always excited when a customer comes to me with a custom request. The development phase of new creations is always exciting – and I consider the ‘false-starts’ during creating a new item as an adventure. I love the puzzle of putting things together, making new patterns, finding new ways to do things – – as long as the end result is a superior item in every way.

I’ve expanded my business since I found Etsy in 2008. My credentials are the best – I have been an avid shopper all my life and I know what it takes to satisfy me as a discerning customer! I look for the highest quality I can find and I buy it. Quality lasts if you take care of it, and classic items never go out of style. I can spot a superior, well made item across a crowded room! I promise that I will not offer anything but the best to my customers – but mostly I will always be true to satisfying the comfort and needs of the end user….which is your pet.

I have recently relocated into my new home in Central Florida. I have lots of room and tons of windows! My dogs are happy when they hear the whirrr of my sewing machines because they know I’m only a bark away. Etsy has given me the freedom to work from home in my PJs while listening to my favorite CDs.

It’s my heaven on earth – and I’m so thankful for all my devoted customers who help make it possible!

I work very hard to meet and exceed your expectations. I do not own a factory – I am ONE person with several machines. Custom work has a six weeks wait. Please let me know at the time of purchase if the item is a time sensitive gift. I’ll be happy to work with you to ensure a timely delivery.


The following letter from a customer is the real reason I create for animals…

Yes, the snuggle sacks are well made durable, incredibly soft and pretty. I use them here for another reason.

It’s a literal lifesaver. Igor arrived too small, too cold and too weak to maintain his own body temperature. In three days of living in the snuggle sack, he had figured out how to flip it open and get in. Like many he came terrified of being grabbed or carried. His sack makes him feel safe when picked up or carried in it. For a rescue home like ours that can make a huge difference in their health and trust.

Stress is hard on dogs physically, burns calories necessary for healing and contributes to lower immunity to infection and disease. Since most of the dogs and pups I take in are the most ill or most injured, every advantage matters. Warmth, comfort and safety are things they need, every calorie saved matters. Even the prevention of pain for injured and arthritic dogs helps them recover faster.