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  • handmade jewelry and accessories
  • unique, funky, whimsical, fun, and sassy
  • pieces that are sure to elevate your sass factor
  • jewelry, hair accessories, bookmarks, and more
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Elevate Your Sass Factor

SassyBelleWares…Sassy (one of my favorite words). Belle (I was born and raised in the South – Tampa, Florida to be exact – and Southern Belles are seriously sassy). Wares (reminds me of the old time general stores that sold everything under one roof and SBW offers a variety of styles).

I put together components that transform into fun, cool, and sassy accessories. My hope is that they will make the wearer smile whenever they have them on. My pieces range from simple to classic to edgy to whimsical. SassyBelleWares has a little bit of everything and a lot of sass!