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  • Sterling silver jewelry, unique from Studio Jewel.
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Timeless artisan jewelry for today’s modern woman and man

I’m an artist and a maker. I always have been. My grandfather was a chalk artist, a photographer and a textile artist in New York City. The creativity oozes from my very core. I create because I can’t help myself.I pursued a fine arts degree in photography and illustration…enjoying each art form I encountered…but never feeling the passion. Put a torch in my hand? Passion ignited.Each Studio Jewel original is personally conceptualized and designed by myself, and then meticulously handcrafted using 100% recycled metal along with gorgeous luscious gemstones. Using sustainable, recycled materials is so important to me!

I have always HAD to work to help support my family. Now I GET to work! I found my niche! My studio is in my home. The best part? ALL my family is involved! I work with my husband, my 3 teenagers and a “tween”ager along with my very wonderful friend. What more could I ask for? I love having them in my studio. It’s crazy. But so very AWESOME!

SIDE BAR: why is my shop called thebeadgirl? When I joined Etsy, back in 2005 as a buyer – i was still using beads in my work. When I officially opened my shop in 2007 I already had that as an email, so it seemed ok. Who knew things would morph so much. I guess I could have changed the name…but for me…it reminds me of where I started and how far I’ve come. (I love that!)

Anyway, creating beautiful artisan jewelry is what I do. Connecting with each of you, as I design something you will treasure is what excites me every day. Thank you for your interest in my work…and for stepping into my studio. If you have time…stay for a cup of tea and some dark chocolate – and feel free to ask me anything!!

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