Yesterday’s Silhouette

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Vintage Awesomeness at its Finest

Once upon a time there was a young girl who loved rhinestones and random oddities. Encapsulated by these things, she began to experience a magnet-like pull that beckoned her to explore all facets of the eras that preceded her existence. Her obsessions blossomed, and rarely a day would pass that she did not venture out into the world only to return home with three or four items thrice her age. As she grew, so did her collections. And with the growth of her collections came a desire to share her knowledge of their content’s history with others. This was a thirst that could not be quenched by accumulation alone. No! To condemn these found treasures to shelves and jewelry boxes would be an injustice to home decorators and fashionistas everywhere! The stash needed to be re-birthed and passed on; the stories had to be retold to seasoned listeners and introduced to virgin ears! (That and she had some bills to pay). So, she opened an Etsy shop, called it Yesterday’s Silhouette, and lived happily ever after.