Hearts of Stone Jewelry

Hearts of Stone Jewelry

Hearts of Stone Jewelry Etsy Shop

  • Handmade unique gemstone jewelry
  • Featuring heart carved stones and shells
  • Earrings: elaborate and the Sweet and Simple line.
  • Necklaces – one of a kind; chokers, short and long
  • Sets; necklaces with complement earrings.

I love rocks!

Los Angeles based costume industry professional, Rachel Leathers, has taken her lifelong love of all things rocks, gems and minerals, and created a line of jewelry with the focus of showcasing the natural beauty of the stones. Hearts of Stone Jewelry is original handmade jewelry and features heart carved semi-precious and natural stones. The line consists of earrings, necklaces, coordinating necklace and earring sets, and solo heart chokers. A recent addition is an exclusive design of HoSJ, agate geode slices that frame small hearts in the center! Also available are non-heart options, agate necklaces for all the rockhounds out there! Rachel likes to incorporate metal beads and charms, crystals, other shaped stones based on color and texture, and use interesting motifs to bring a bold presence to each piece. No matter the simplicity or elaborateness of the design, any gemstone lover can find a heart of stone to wear and love.

And if you go on vacation and wish to give Rachel a souvenir, do what everyone else does; give her a handful of rocks of wherever you went! She loves that!*All jewelry is made by and shipped by Rachel from her place in Los Angeles, CA. Since the changes to Etsy, thought you’d like to know that!