InTheClear Etsy Shop

  • packaging & party supplies in small quantities
  • perfect for etsy businesses or special events
  • great selection of clear, printed and solid color bags
  • large variety of plain bags for rubber stamping
  • food bags, glassine bags, tubes & tins

Moving to the Big Red Barn Changed Everything

In 2009, I decided it was a good time to take on my passion for paper full time! While in the process of posting a listing for a customer who had ordered business cards, I had posted a photo of the cards in a simple, clear bag. That same posting was purchased by two others who assumed they were purchasing the bags only. It was that day in May that I realized other customers may like to share my crazy supply of packaging supplies (collected over many years and ever-expanding at the time)!I am STILL adding special products that are stashed away – treasures to me. I have collections of vintage crystal montees, but I can’t possibly part with one of the tens of thousands that I have – they just don’t make them like that anymore! Or a prized collection of vintage post cards that are flowing from the craft room closet. Who can sell those sweet, hand-written messages so lovingly printed over 100 years ago? Or the millinery flower collection from a hat shop that closed in 1945? I just can’t! Some of the ones I can part with (barely) you will find in the shop. Good thing we built the Big Red Barn!

Our inventory had steadily grown and cars no longer fit in the garage… first two bays, then three… when I started to take over the fifth bay, my husband took notice! We broke ground on the barn in June 2012 and moved in December of 2012. We have been expanding and organizing every day since! It’s a work in progress, but we are slowly getting our arms around it. I love my wonderful staff! They know that I am frequently “distracted by shiny” and they keep me focused. We always have a special project in progress – a special card design, photo session, wedding… it’s a fun place to be!

My wonderful employees make it all happen – Meagan (my first employee and my future daughter-in-law…YAY!), Evan (her handsome fiance…if I do say so myself!), Lauren (my brilliant and beautiful daughter and oh-so talented graphic designer), her wonderful husband Holden, Kay, Paige, Sarah & Tyler. And my husband Rick… not technically an employee. We will call him a “willing volunteer”, but a large part of our store. He makes the big rocks into little rocks, breaking down our bulk products. He is amazing!

They all understand my passion for texture and packaging…and now I have the space to stack it all to the ceiling!! We are in construction on our second structure – Rick’s stone workshop. It’s in the final stages and then he will be up and running with even MORE fun handmade products! Stay tuned as we grow and expand our product line!