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  • Play Hide A Heart to create positive communication
  • Keep a perpetual love note in circulation
  • Words imprinted in gold ink
  • Enchanting, Durable, Reusable, and Sentimental
  • Made in the USA of ruby glass

Singer’s Renaissance Inspires Hidden Heart Expression

Who am I and What is Hide A Heart?

In 1995 I developed head/neck cancer after which my professional singing career was cut short, and for quite some time I struggled to find a ‘spirit-driven’ purpose.

One day when I was feeling blue my husband asked, “What about that heart game we’ve been playing for decades?” “What would we call it?” I asked. He said, “Hide A Heart.”

We decided to share the idea of Hide A Heart® with others for the single purpose of creating a means to fill the world with positive communication through a simple, fun and sweet way to speak and keep the language of love alive between couples, families and friends and inspire magic one heart at a time. We make writing love notes easy!

The surprise is that what began as a romantic game to keep our love note in circulation by hiding a little glass heart for each other, Hide A Heart® morphed into it’s own story of warmth, hope and healing by helping me reinvent myself and returned to me the gift of ‘spirit-driven’ purpose.

The plain glass hearts, manufactured by the Peltier Glass Factory in Ottawa, Illinois (1886-2011) of molded glass in the original molds in the original method up until closing, are pad-printed by hand by Tom, at Lifeforce Glass with words or symbols I select to support my inspirational adaptations for the hearts.

I create all the heart inspirations and ideas for adaptation, story cards, gift tags and ‘Thank You’ perks included with orders. Upon request, I hand inscribe names and/or dates in 18K gold ink and custom design gift tags for special orders.

Future hearts of fused water jet cut glass will be made in connection with the Aquila Glass School.

In keeping with my shoppe name, all of my traffic safety education key charms, bookmarks, knit and crochet creations have a heart of some sort incorporated in the piece for an additional message of love.

The CD’s are of my original recordings of music written, played and performed by me.

It is with great affection that I offer Hide A Heart and my music as a nostalgic and sustainable way for you to keep the language of love alive too.


My six word story:
Singer’s renaissance inspires hidden heart expression.

Definition of Renaissance Woman is “having learned much”
– A polymath (Greek)

My story was featured on Handmadespark-search MCatherine interview

I invite you to discover the many ways to use Hide A Heart® by visiting Hide A Heart on Blogspot or join me to read and laugh with me about my pitfalls and the promise of being a micropreneur on Hide A Heart’s WordPress blog.

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