Beads and Honey

Beads and Honey

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The Freedom to Create & Serve.

Inside of you and me is the desire to create something….anything. And, we feel good when what we’ve created can help someone or make their day a little brighter.

Believe it or not, I’m a scientist trained in genetics research. But, after graduate school, I was stressed out and burned out. So, I took a break and returned to the hobbies that were fun for me.

I started selling the jewelry I made, but found that I enjoyed the hunt of finding the best, most beautiful beads, even more. Quickly, I learned that the freedom of running my own business was a good fit for me. And so, Beads and Honey was born.

Beads and Honey is like one big treasury for me. It’s a challenge, and a delight, to search high and wide for unique beads and assemble them into a cohesive collection that will deliver the beauty and quality you are looking for.

A typical day includes taking pictures and posting beads. And, I’m always on the hunt for new goodies, too. Knowing that it’s hard to wait for beads in the mail, I pack and ship orders everyday. But, I also spend time checking convos to hear from you. What are you looking for? What do you need? And, how can I help?

Stepping into bead shop should be like stepping into a hidden vault with treasures, presented like gifts, in a rainbow of colors, because they were made just for you. My goal is to give you that experience online. An experience that will stimulate your creative juices – and service that will make it easy – so you can continue the cycle to create and serve, making a difference in your households and communities.

All the best!
~ Lynnette