Christina Guenther Hand Stamped Jewelry

Christina Guenther

  • Personalized hand stamped jewelry.
  • Meaningful gifts for moms, friends or yourself.
  • Wear any memory, mantra, or child’s name close to your heart.
  • Custom orders are welcome.

My Love for Jewelry Making

What a joy and honor it is to create beautiful things that bring happiness to the people who receive them. I have been creating and designing my entire life, beginning in early childhood when I would lovingly watch my father working in his studio creating bronze molds for the silverware industry. In my professional career I have practiced graphic design and textile product design, but my greatest passion has always been creating and designing jewelry. When I create a piece I feel connected with the person who is going to wear it, and I bless each piece with love and kindness.

I work from a small home studio where each piece of jewelry is lovingly created by hand, nothing is ever mass produced. My jewelry is one of a kind, hand stamped and personalized, created with .925 and .999 fine silver, and semi-precious gemstones. I hope you enjoy my store and are completely satisfied with your purchase.

~ Peace and happiness, Christina.