Beads-N-Style Etsy Shop

  • Magnetic Hematite Therapy Jewelry to help find relief from pain caused by arthritis, migraines, back pain, fibromyalgia and many other painful conditions
  • Jewelry from glass beads, semi precious stones and other kind of beads

Alleviating Pain One Bead at a Time

I opened Beads-N-Style several years ago when looking for a change in career and lifestyle. I was working a full time job that had become stressful, my children were school age and I wanted to be with them more, and I wanted some sort of creative outlet. Ever since I was in high school I had wanted to start my own business, but just hadn’t found the opportunity.

My husband discovered the magnetic beads and their benefits through a co-worker. He encouraged me to look into and learn jewelry making. To get me started, he surprised me when one day a large box of magnetic beads in all shapes and sizes appeared at our front door courtesy of UPS.

Since then, I have been happily learning how to make jewelry, creating jewelry and learning all the “ins and outs” of having a creative business. Almost two years ago I was able to leave my full time job and pursue my family and Beads-N-Style on a full time basis. I love it all and haven’t looked back even once.

All the jewelry in my shop is designed and created by me. Most of my jewelry is designed with magnetic hematite beads that I combine with other beautiful beads. I have ventured into strictly non-magnetic jewelry of which you will find some in my shop. However, my focus is on the magnetic jewelry.

How does my jewelry help to alleviate pain? Wearing magnetic jewelry is a form of magnetic therapy and is a natural, holistic method for alleviating pain and discomfort. Magnetic therapy has been around since 2000 BC and is rooted in Chinese medicinal practices.

The magnetic beads work because the iron in our blood is attracted to the magnetic field in the magnet. As the blood is attracted towards the area where the magnetic pull is, the blood flow is increased. When the blood flow is increased, a large amount of fresh oxygen, nutrients and hormones is distributed to that area of the body. With this new and rich supply of oxygen and nutrients, any injuries or ailments that may exist in this area of the body dissipates and heals.

The magnetic beads will also stimulate blood flow and circulation. As the blood flow is stimulated, the blood flow thru the heart is increased. This results in increased oxygen that gets to organs and tissues in the body. Through this process, overall general health is improved.