Hobbies from the Heart

Hobbies from the Heart Etsy Shop

  • paper goodies
  • everyday wear accessories
  • ALL envelope seals always ship FREE with the purchase of another item

ETSY… a way to express my creativity and take a break from books and journal articles

Hola and Welcome to my shop!I love crafts, but I never seemed to have the time for it. When I was younger I used to create different things with anything I could find (from basic paper and glue creations to creating with leaves, drying flowers, plastic canvas, you name it) (thanks abuelita for making me so creative) and I have always missed it… So so as a side hobby while in graduate school, I decided to turn things around, let my creative side run wild, to see what that would bring. I brought a shop called Hobbies from the Heart.

The paper goodies come from…well..I’m addicted to anything related to paper (I’ve always been since I can remember). :S My daughter is going on the same path! (She is 4 and is already addicted to paper scissors and stickers).

I must thank my full of energy baby girl [not so much a baby anymore] and my husband of course, for starting this inspiration and giving a new meaning to my life.