NaNa’s Things

NaNa’s Things Etsy Shop

  • Vintage collectibles, garden decor, enamelware, glassware, kitchen items, serving items, rustic country, sewing supplies, dolls, jewelry, books, home decor, farmhouse cottage, primitive, country decor & more!
  • Collected over the past 25+ years

A Life-long Passion for Thrifting Makes Me an Etsy Entreprenuer

I have picked and thrifted all my life to fill my 1900’s farmhouse and to surround myself with the cozy atmosphere that old vintage items give. I live in an 1870 Victorian home now and I have filled it with all of my treasures from over 30 years of collecting.In an effort to downsize I decided to open a shop on Etsy to sell some of my things. I found it so hard to let go of them that I ended up deactivating listings after things were selling! The only thing to do was to start picking and thrifting again to buy things specifically to sell in my shop. I love all kinds of vintage from farmhouse, cottage, shabby chic, retro, and Victorian. You will find it all here.The name NaNa’s Things comes from my experience of having some of my grandmother’s things and NaNa is the name that my two granddaughters call me. It is pronounced NaahNaah. It is the sweetest sound coming out of my two year old granddaughter Chloe.

My house is my shop and every room has something Etsy in it! I am working on containing it all in one area. I photograph a lot of my items as extra pictures in the listings in different parts of my home. The photos you see above are of the different rooms that help enhance my items.