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Two best friends with a passion for creativity and a love of fashion!

Tracy spent many years in the corporate world in the Human Resources field, including many years providing HR Consulting and leadership to non-profit organizations. She thought this was her calling until she was put on bed-rest for 10 weeks during her pregnancy with her 2nd son. During this time she went back to one of her favorite hobbies – making jewelry. Charyl was an amazing friend during that time and kept her LOTS of company and together they talked and of course, made LOTS of jewelry.After her son was born, Tracy realized her passion was the balance between being creative and spending time with her children, and so she and Charyl opened Rustic Gem.

Tracy and Charyl have been best friends since they were 12 years old! Over the years they have always had many creative passions and outlets, which they some how always fit into their busy lives. So, when Tracy was ready to focus entirely on her creative passion of making jewelry, it was only natural that they open Rustic Gem together!

It’s been the best, most fulfilling career change for Tracy and she takes great pleasure in being able to make beautiful jewelry in partnership with her best friend, while also bring able to spend time with her kids as well!