The Old Barn Door

The Old Barn Door Etsy Shop

  • Works of art vintage postcards and Victorian Trade cards
  • Postcards that capture and preserve our history
  • Art Photography
  • Misc paper ephemera

Like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz

You know that great line from the end of The Wizard of Oz where Dorothy looks up at her friends and family and says something to the effect about “looking for her heart’s desire she wouldn’t look any further than her own backyard.” Well, my life is sort of like that…except I discovered I didn’t have the right backyard. So, after a 25+ year high pressure career, my husband and I chucked it all, sold the house in the big city and bought the farm…really…we bought a farm.I shared a love of stamp collecting with my father. We could often be found pouring over scraps of paper leafing through catalogues and I’m sure to the uninitiated we must have looked like spies plotting our next great adventure. When he passed away it fell to me (means my sisters dump this on me) to dispose of Dad’s large collection of stamps, covers postcards etc.I quickly found that it rekindled my interest in geography and history, two classes I should clearly have attended more often in high school. I have acquired some postcards of my own along the way and this is how I came to Etsy to share these beautiful vintage cards with others.

Vintage holiday cards are often like little works of art and the town pictures capture our history in a most interesting way. I also have misc paper ephemera in my shop from old books that are past use. And, I am now sharing my view on the world thru my photography, mostly my backyard but that really is my world.

I believe in animal rescue, laughing often and loudly, eating local and healthy, following your heart and making your dreams a reality.