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A little piece of wearable art

I come from a family of artists, architects, writers, nature lovers and nurturers. Art in any form delights me, but I get the greatest sense of satisfaction from creating beautiful and versatile jewellery that combines my love of nature, sculpture and architecture.

I happened upon jewellery design while studying at the Ontario College of Art. I took it as an elective to fill in my timetable between the painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, graphic design and colour theory courses. I fell in love immediately… after I got over my fear of using a torch. The process of taking a piece of unassuming metal and turning it into a little piece of artwork that could be worn and travel from place to place filled me with a unique sense of discovery.

I love working with precious metals and the colour variations that can be achieved with traditional patinas on silver, copper and brass – reactions that are created by applying various techniques and patina recipes to metals. Colours that nature herself creates when time and the elements are given carte blanche to do as they please to copper roofs, iron gates and even the lowly tin can.

My work is strongly influenced by my Baltic background and the strong connection Latvians have with nature and craft. Much of the jewellery I create borrows from the Nordic, Baltic and Pagan history and traditions of my ancestors.

I make each and every piece by hand in my green energy powered home studio using ethically sourced and recycled materials whenever possible. This philosophy also holds true in my personal day-to-day living.

When not creating jewellery I can be found painting, tending to my organic garden or enjoying the respite nature can bring. I live with my family and 2 adorable cats in the city of Toronto, Ontario. I shop local and in season whenever I can. I support farmers and small business, social justice, compassion and respect for the planet and its inhabitants, and I always root for the underdog.