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Silk and Leather Whirly Wrap bracelets. Affordable Luxury.

I have always made gifts with my hands to give to friends and family~ whimsical knitted hats, elaborately detailed socks, Harry Potter-esque scarves, (Tardis anything), felted bracelets (you get the idea).

What is a Whirly Wrap? When we moved to sunny Georgia a few years ago, my farmers market selling season for wooly goods was about 6 weeks! I missed the soothing repetitive motions of knitting. Enter fate. My daughter chose to be married in Antigua, Guatemala and the vibrant colors, diverse textures and stunning geometry of the local market textiles knocked the breath out of me. When I returned home I grabbed all my DMC thread, some silver discs and up-cycled sari silk from my stash and Whirly Wraps were born. I have found the rhythmic nature of wrapping thread is as meditative as knitting.

At first I was a clumsy Whirler. It took me nearly an hour to wrap a 1″ disc smoothly and the ubiquitous knots almost got the better of me. They have taught me patience and are now my friends. A local gift shop began selling my sari silk Whirlies and suggested I make leather wraps for the boyfriends of these new Whirly Girls. I opened my Etsy shop and scheduled a season of festivals and farmers markets. My on-going challenge is to bring the thrill of buying in-person to the online experience.

Are you a Whirly Girl? Do you appreciate jewelry that is both beautiful and practical? A customer called my wraps No Man Needed~ as they are easy to connect and remove… alone… with one hand. And the magnets and hooks are secure; no more worrying that the magnets will silently pop off! Women often thank me for letting them wear bracelets again! Whirly Girls come back for more and share the love. “One for me … one for her.”

Life as a Solopreneur. Everything is made by me on my vivid, chromatic, aromatic (think bridle shop), kitchen table. I do all the Whirling and design / fashion all of the wraps. I am a Photoshop addict and HTML geek so all of the promotional materials, product graphics and photography are mine. I love finding vintage (where possible) nickel and lead free buttons and do-hickeys to center my Whirlies. I select only the finest Asian silk sewn with expert craftsmanship, purchased from a fellow Etsy artisan. I choose only precision cut, genuine leather with certified lead~free dyes.

Every Whirly comes in its own metal gift box to keep the naughty magnet from making too many friends on your dressing table. I include a How-To postcard that describes how to re-size your wrap, secure your magnet, wrap your wrap and wear it as a necklace (silk). A similar postcard describes how to wrap your leather, do the magnet “knack”, and easily unfasten your hooks. I stay in close communication on shipping times, sizing, custom accents and secret deliveries.

Will you be the next Whirly Girl?