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Girl Meets Camera……….

Ashleigh Hodges is the daughter of a potter and a retired electrician who now creates wood and metal garden sculptures, the niece of a painter, and the granddaughter of a woman who created beautiful quilts….. “I guess you can say the need to create runs through my veins!”, she admits.

Her journey into the world of photography began over 30 years ago. “I remember visiting San Diego Zoo when I was six and being mesmerized not by the beautiful animals but, by the shiny black camera my mom was using. How is it that she could capture our day in that little box and then have it printed for all to see?!” At 14, she received her own “magic box” — a 35mm Olympus camera. It was also at this time that her family began to travel abroad. She found that travel and photography went hand in hand so neatly together and was hooked!

Many years later, the fever for photography has not gone away. Ashleigh continues to be passionate about travel and uses it as a springboard for her images. She also is inspired by capturing the beauty of nature — especially flowers.

What began as more of a hobby, has now blossomed into a business. “As the daughter of an artist, I’d grown up spending my weekends at various art fairs and galleries throughout California and realized I missed that outlet of creative expression. I love Etsy because it is the perfect avenue for artists around the world to share their handmade crafts. Etsy has given me a place where I can be inspired, grow, evolve and nurture both the creative and entrepreneurial aspects of my business….. I am the sole creator, take it to the post office person, record keeper, + a Mom and I love that on some days I can do it in my sweats with uncombed hair!”

Most recently, Ashleigh Hodges work has been selected to participate in the celebrity event, “Mother’s Day in Hollywood 2014”. It is an event celebrating 25 beautiful celebrity mommies and their young families. “As a Mom of three, I am honored to be a part of this celebration. I treasure my husband and children so, I think this is the perfect collaboration!”

Ashleigh Hodges pieces can be found in private collections throughout the United States as well as, Canada, Mexico, Poland, Australia, Spain and Malaysia.


Ashleigh is honored to participate in the 2014 “Mother’s Day in Hollywood” Event — Two Original Fine Art Prints will be part of the gift bags that are given during this celebration of Celebrity Mothers and their young families! ———————————————————————–

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