Embellish Me Patty

Embellish Me Patty Etsy Shop

  • Cute, girly steering wheel covers for women
  • Over 140 fabrics, coordinating accessories
  • Custom made to fit your vehicle
  • Quality workmanship, fast shipping

How it all started.

I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. One hot summer day I entered my car that was sitting in 110 degree heat all day long. When I grabbed onto the steering wheel, OUCH!!! My hands burned so bad from the intense heat coming off the steering wheel. As you can guess, I was pretty upset and vowed this will not happen again. Went home and made a steering wheel cover for my car. The next day when I grabbed onto the steering wheel, no more burned hands. The wheel was still warm but the cover had done it’s job. Made a bunch for family and friends, tried a few in my Etsy shop and they were a hit!

EmbellishMePattyV is a one person shop. Everything is created and handmade in USA by me. I take pride in providing a quality product, excellent customer service-fast shipping, response time and going the extra mile to make sure my customers are happy.

I’m pleased to announce a new addition to the shop, an interactive cat toy, The Original Kitty Stretch-9. Created by me but inspired by Little KItty. It all started with some extra braided elastic that I use in my steering wheel covers and Little Kitty’s determination to play with the elastic. After lots of revisions, customers feedback The Original Kitty Stretch-9 was created. 20% of The Originial Kitty Stretch-9 sale proceeds will be donated to the Las Vegas Valley Humane Society.

Please come in and take a peek at my shop.