Handmade Cuddles

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  • Felt garlands & decor for parties, weddings & kids room
  • Custom request welcome

Hello, my name is Stephanie and I am the brain cells behind Handmade Cuddles.

I was born in the UK, and moved to the Netherlands in 2009 (for the one I love). I took the opportunity of a fresh start to pursue my love of crafting and my handmade business began.

I began by making fleece cushion covers for kids. I made a range of them in bold, bright and happy colours with different designs on the front. As time passed I explored different craft materials and learnt new skills and in 2011 I expanded my shop range to include fabric dolls, and other decorative pieces for children’s room.

In 2013 I was hit by changes to the postal services which meant I could no longer ship items that did not through a letter box (without a huge shipping cost). The change meant I had to rethink my business and stop selling some of my loved creations. In the end this has been a great thing and I launched my range of felt garlands. These have been a real hit, and my most popular to date is my original rainbow star garland.

While I still sell my larger pieces at craft markets, I am also releasing a collection of sewing patterns so you can make them at home too!