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  • Cottage chic, modern country, bohemian or rustic
  • Nature inspired fabrics reflect the natural world & enliven your home with an artsy & unique sensibility

world of nature into your life

Welcome to Joyful Linens! My inspiration is my mountain farm, a natural paradise, alive with birds, deer, bear, lots of small mammals (even the least weasel), towering trees, flowers in their season, native medicinal herbs, and water! Crystal clear, clean water flows in the springs, the bubbling branches, and a magnificent trout stream. Living in the midst of all this glory fills me with joy, peace, and contentment. I bring the outside into my home with birds’ nests, rocks, feathers, and flowers–and more recently in the materials I choose for handmade linens. I greatly admire the many incredibly talented fabric designers whose work reflecting the natural world appeals to me in a deep and heartfelt way. When I create linens for daily use with these fabrics, then the inside of my home echoes what I love so much about the outside, reducing the division between the two. I hope you will find something special in my shop that brings this world of nature into your life, something that makes your home as comforting a retreat as the world outside my door. Peace be with you.

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