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  • Felt toys, nursery mobiles, party favors, easter candles and lots lots lots of other crafts!
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A little bit of an artisan , a little bit of a wife, a little bit of a mom!!

Hello there!! I am Catherine Chronopoulou and i am the owner of “la petite Melina”. I make nursery mobiles, plush animals and dolls and pretty much anything that can be included in a nursery room. Εven though i studied “Business economics” at the university of Peiraias and “Marketing and Advertising” at the FBS college I never forgot my passion for making things by hand. I opened up my company on 2005 as a wholesaler of handmade charms, candles and wedding favors. I started really strong collaborating with large companies, chain hotels and big stores. I was never afraid to reach an ” unreachable” company and I was never afraid to sale my products. On 2009 (pregrant with my son) everything started to collapse. The economic crisis had hit hard and my clients failed to pay me. Even though the hard times and pressure, from my family, to close my company I kept trying. I became a retail saler, started new lines of products and strarted selling online. I never knew much about online saling but I am trying to and things are already getting better. I love my work and I will never stop doing it.

Now i have a 4 years old son and i am thrilled he loves to draw too…