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My Story

There is voice inside of me that I get to listen to when the scurry of day slows down and the sun begins to hide behind the trees. It’s a voice that calls to me. To make. To do. To listen.I can’t explain the voice, other than it’s a drive within me that has made itself clear… it will not be ignored.Sometimes that voice sounds like my grandfather who taught me how to solder silver. I hear his booming voice in my head giving me advice – motivating me to try something new at the bench. If you believe that objects can hold a spirit, then know that my grandfather’s metalworking tools certainly do. When I use his tools I feel that I have him with me, watching me, smirking when I learn something he tried to teach me, scowling when I do something utterly stupid (I do a lot of those).

When I hear that voice, which these days is often, I do what I am inspired to do. And when I sit down to saw, or solder, or draw or paint or photograph something, I hope that when it is done, whether it is an object to hold or an image to gaze at, that it will speak to someone else, as loudly and as deeply as the voice inside me does while I am making it.