ShirlDArt Etsy Shop

  • Original watercolor for all ages, specializing in Name Art.
  • Can match and complement room decor, bedding patterns etc.

You should start an Etsy shop.

I first heard about Etsy from a coworker of my husband. “Etsy, that is an odd name”, I thought. Once I started looking through all of the handmade items, artwork, vintage finds – I was hooked. I have purchased several items and they are displayed in my kitchen, living room and on my person!

I began selling my artwork on Etsy about three years ago. As a stay at home mom this allows me to generate some income and gradually grow my art business, while keeping up (mostly) with everything else in my life.

My shop began with original watercolor paintings. I then started creating small prints and cards. My most recent addition is original watercolor Name Art. Name Art (with photography, painting, drawing) has become very popular. Interestingly, I started creating these first as gifts (for birthdays of my son’s friends). The idea was original for me, meaning I did not receive it from anything else. My friends kept telling me I should add Name Art to my shop and I did!

Thanks for reading about my shop and I hope that you will visit again.