Tales of a Peanut

Tales of a Peanut Etsy Shop

  • Invitations/announcement, gift tags and stickers, stationery and cards, notepads and notebooks, placemats, dinnerware, clothing, gift items & more!
  • All items are CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER unless the product is noted as a ‘STOCK’

Stay at Home Mom Puts her Love for Pretty Paper to Good Use

I have always had a love for the written word and stationery has long been a guilty pleasure of mine. So when I started having kids I spent lots of time creating personal announcements and invitations for them. I then started creating our family Christmas cards and toyed around with creating stationery for everyone. I eventually turned this newfound passion of digital design into Tales of a Peanut. A shop where you can find a gift for your grandmother and your your infant niece, all in one place. I love stationery and enjoy creating custom designs for customers so that each person will end up with something that represents them or the gift recipient. I have also fallen in love with designing fun products that everyone can enjoy — like personalized placemats for kids and serving platters for adults. I do all the design work myself and strive to have a quick turnaround with wonderful, professional, and personal service. Thanks for checking us out!