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  • A celebration of joy, art, intuition and silk!
  • Abstract mixed media, mixed media art, mixed media art abstract, painted silk for healers, silk scarves and shawls, hand painted silk & more…

Tilly’s Treasures- Creativity Explored

At the point in time that my children graduated from high school my beloved spouse expressed concern that I would have nothing whatever to do. He even gently suggested that perhaps this point in my life would be a good time to re-arrange the household closets and garage! (I’m still laughing) I had no such worries as I knew, just knew that the things that would capture my Spirit and fill it with joy would simply arrive. Arrive they did! I became an author, started painting on silk, and found a level of quiet grace that I was unaware of. Life is GOOD.

Tilly’s Treasures is named after my Great Grandmother Matilda. Though we never met, I share a fondness for this feisty woman who led a life that few women did from her small town. She was an artist as was my Grandfather Parker, my uncles and my father Charles. I am grateful for the genetic blessing of creative spark. Even when my spark of creativity occasionally leaves others scratching their head.

Of particular joy is being able to connect intuitively with my clients and co-create with them silk scarves, wall art, healing bed covers, Reiki tools that resonate with them. Many of my pieces are purchased by alternative healing arts practitioners. I am honored that this is so.

Whether you need a scarf for that new outfit, a perfect bit of charisma for that wall in your home or office. I am always honored to assist in providing the vibrant or muted silk for you.

I am so thrilled to include MIXED MEDIA-ART FROM THE HEART to my collection. These abstract pieces make my heart sing. They are vivid and tell a story that only YOU can decide what it is. Exploration is the BEST.