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  • Handmade refashioned wool and needle felted goodness, the loveable plush pals I call Friendlys, and art that inspires our heartfelt side with a whimsical nature!

HeARTfelt goods made of reclaimed textiles, embellished with needle felted love, one handmade piece at a time.

Hi. I’m Val.

I am the creative miss that is Val’s Art Studio. That’s “miss,” not mess… My husband refers to me as ADD Val (ok, not nice). Well, my art expression is all of that, and more.

I create heARTfelt mixed media fiber art from upcycled wool and natural textiles which I felt, cut, fold, sew + stitch up. Then, I needle felt into it, which means I use special barbed needles to dry felt wool fiber into the creation. I stab, poke, mesh, + transform my sewn creations into something completely unique and artistic, and often very whimsical. I often finish with embroidered words or accents.

I love what I do, I have an excuse to collect all kinds of fabrics, bits of this + that, plus I’m allowed to sketch out my ideas to my heart’s content. My work is constantly evolving and I’m always excited about the next project, which I usually discover during a bit of daydreaming. I love the eclectic and unusual, and try to pull a bit of that into everything I make. And that makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something special and fun. Oh yes, it fuels my creative mess in a very big way!

Most pieces are one of a kind, or something I create in a very small series. I aim to instill heaps of charm into each piece I create, a handmade keepsake for future generations. Made with so much care and love… from me to you.

To see an amazing stop motion video of my entire creative process, please visit this link:

Here are a few fine brick and mortar shops where you can find my creations:
– Austin’s Gallery, Coronado, CA.
– The Make Good, South Park area, San Diego, CA.
– Hello Bluebird, West Reading, PA,

If you have a desire to see the latest of what I’ve been up to, please visit my blog at

T h a n k s ever so much for visiting my shop, and especially for supporting the Handmade lifestyle!

x, Val